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Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

SuperTube - Download YouTube Video HD and HQ Quality Through Windows Phone

Do you have friends who use Windows Phone? If there is a good news for you. SuperTube this application you can use to download and play YouTube videos in HQ and HD quality via 3G or WiFi.

SuperTube features include:

1. Downloading YouTube videos and supports resume download.

2. Record videos and upload them to YouTube.
3. The downloaded video synchronization with your PC.
4. Applications can run in background.
5. Video sharing via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email.

And various other features that you can instantly read on the main page SuperTube.

Unknown when SuperTube for Windows Phone application will continue to become free. But until this article was written, the application can still be obtained free of charge at the following SuperTube page:

Creating Comics Through Pictures from the iPhone and iPad with Halftone

Are you prepared your main character from the comic book superhero? Hmm .. or you want to be a beautiful angel who meets a handsome prince from the middle of nowhere? Just like Superman, Spiderman or Cinderella's famous, you can also make your own self as the main character from the comic that you created yourself!

Through your photos stored on the IOS device, you can make a comic called according to your scenario. You can also make short comics KoG and pass it on Facebook, Twitter or your personal blog .. ya .. just for fun!

Applications you can use to create comics from photos is Halftone. Why did I choose to be Halftone this article? Of course, since this application is the application of premium actually paid. But free to use this week to commemorate Mother's Day which happened to be celebrated in America.

Following are the features of Halftone:

1. Can be run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with Retina support.
2. Can simply take a picture from Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.
3. Have to put the balloon Face Detection automatically.
4. Has 25 paper style, 9 Layout, 25 Stamps and lots of typical comic font.

For those interested please download here 

Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Download iCare Format Recovery for Data Restore Formatted With Free

Losing important data because it formatted like a disaster! Why? Since it is very difficult to find software that can recover data lost due to formatted. Mean - mean recovery software can only restore data lost due to deleted. But hard to find it does not mean no. iCare Format Recovery is a software that can recover data lost due to formatted. Pusatgratis today will show you how to get iCare Format Recovery for free and legally.

Do you know what the normal price of iCare Format Recovery? Yup .. $ 69.95! Nearly half a million dollars. But until next May 8, 2012, you can get for free and legally. Simply follow these easy ways:
1. Download the installer iCare Format Recovery Here
2. Turn to this license before May 8, 2012 (3AA7C43J8233A3AB2OYLB6LJ1GYDFAFL)  

Remember, after May 8, 2012 the above licenses can not be used to enable iCare Format Recovery again. Above licenses are a legal license directly from the page I get the official vendors Here

These features of the iCare Format Recovery:
1. iCare Format Recovery can recover data lost due to formatted, unformatted even after two times! No matter whether it is a quick format or complete format.
2. Can restore the file from the memory card, pen drive, flash disk, external hard drive or other storage media is formatted.

Hopefully this article can be useful for us all 

Get O & O DiskImage 5 For Your Computer Backup automatically

We should not ignore the important data stored on our computers. Backups can be one of the things we can do to maintain the security of such data. There are lots of tools to perform backup, one of whom is O & O DiskImage 5.

O & O DiskImage 5 can be used to backup the entire computer image with a single push button. In addition, you can also use it to clone drives and disk cloning.

O & O DiskImage 5 is a paid software that are usually sold at a price of $ 29, but in the following ways you can get for free:

1. Visit our promo O & O DiskImage 5 here
2. Enter your email address and click "Request Free License". The license will be sent to your email
3. Download the installer O & O DiskImage 5 here
4. install and activate O & O DiskImage 5 with licenses that you have received.

Although O & O DiskImage 5 is still one version below the latest version of O & O DiskImage 6, but the function and its benefits are not much different. This software supports all operating system Windows 7, Vista and XP.     

Jumat, 27 April 2012

Get Norton Identity Safe In Free Until October 2012 Upcoming

Have a lot of accounts with different passwords on each account we would be very inconvenient to memorize each of our account password. But do not worry because there is now software that can help you to overcome this problem. This application is called Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identify Safe is a powerful password manager application issued by norton. But now you can get it for free until next October. Very interesting is not it?

To download this software you only need to visit the following link:
Download Norton Identity Safe for Windows or Mac OS (link)
Download Norton Identity Safe to IOS (link)
Download Norton Identity Safe for Android (link)
Norton Identity Safe Homepage (link)

Get 25 GB of Free Storage from SkyDrive Microsoft SkyDrive to All Member

Do you have an MSN account? If you are an old member of Microsoft's SkyDrive, there is a free upgrade from a previous storage 7GB to 25GB! Free upgrades provided by Microsoft is very limited, so do not miss to get it

Those who still do not know what it's SkyDrive, SkyDrive is a file hosting and synchronization service that allows you to upload, store, and synchronize data to their servers with ease. This service is similar to Google's new Drive that I preached yesterday.

Not only does it provide online storage, at the SkyDrive you can also create, edit, and save files as Microsoft Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It seemed to have Microsoft Office software for free legally. Perfect for that do not have Microsoft Office software

Here's how to upgrade storage SkyDrive from 7GB to 25GB for the members who have registered:

1. Log in to SkyDrive page Here
2. Click on Free Upgrade
3. Congratulations SkyDrive account you will be automatically charged with 25 GB of free storage

For who do not have SkyDrive account how?

Calm down .. you can register for free here, but it is only 7GB of storage you get, and yet there is a feature upgrade to 25GB.

Microsoft also recently released an application for Microsoft SkyDrive easier for you to upload and synchronize files. With this application you can directly access SkyDrive from Windows Explorer, Mac, Windows phonemes and IOS.

Here is a download link SkyDrive

Applications for Windows SkyDrive
SkyDrive application for Mac OS X Lion
SkyDrive application for the iPhone and the iPad
SkyDrive application for Windows Phone

Download Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 For Free

You are looking for a free PDF creator but has a premium quality? If so then you come the right place. Soon you will be able to download the PDF creator is powerfull named Sonic PDF Creator is worth the original price of $ 49.95. Interesting is not it?

To get this free software you can just follow the steps below:

1. Like Facebook page Fans of Sonic PDF Creator here
2. Copy the code you get an existing page and click below
3. Enter the code that you got earlier and click Download
4. install file Install SonicPDF.exe    

With Sonic PDF Creator, you can create PDF files quickly and easily. This software features are also fairly complete. Can create, combine, add watermarks and even add a password in the PDF file you created. So do not let you be late to get this software with free.